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Unified Digital Transformation

Breaking down the core of End User Computing

By Jesse Machill

Keeping pace with change is one of the biggest challenges that today’s businesses face. They need to generate strategies that align business goals with the demands of their consumers and more importantly, their employees.

A unified digital workspace can improve teamwork and individual productivity in a sea of change by enabling the right content and data to be delivered to the right people in the right place at the right time.

This brings us to the most important question:  

Where are you in your digital journey?

Most companies will admit that their employees are their most important assets. This is especially true for those who rely heavily on knowledge workers. Creating strategies around employee and customer experience in the hopes of increased productivity, customer/employee retention and of course making sure the bottom line remains healthy with the addition of continuous growth in key areas – remains a challenge for many CXOs.

Which trends should we be looking at?

Emerging trends around this specific space include:

  1. A growing mobile workforce
  2. The modernization of apps
  3.  A disappearing security perimeter

What plans have you made to address these trends?

Without spending too much time on trends in the market which impact EUC strategy, there are even greater roadblocks that your strategy needs to address.

Too Many Apps 

Vast amounts of money are spent yearly on an application stack that is essential to the business, but how many of these are actually being used and by whom? There are just too many apps and they are located everywhere.

Increased Complexity

It’s a fact that Millennials and Gen Z make up a large part of the workforce now. And when they think of software, they think of Instagram. There is no training course or instruction manual—it just works.

Legacy apps are often too complex to use and are often attached to different versions of other legacy apps, creating a chaotic roadmap of outdated, unused, duplicated applications.

Too many Interruptions

Today’s average worker spends 20% of their time searching for apps and information. They are also getting a notification or being interrupted every 12 seconds. The human mind is not ready for that level of interruption.

What’s at the heart of workspace transformation?

Workspace analytics is driving innovation and transformation by enabling the identification of new devices, monitoring them, assessing them and adapting to them.

Machine learning is also beginning to play a huge role in this more pervasive analytics strategy, which will enable the next stage of continuous improvement.

How will you continuously improve?

It all starts with analytics. From provisioning, to service requests, to support, businesses need to analyse the end user environment to provide the right tools, service, and frameworks your business needs to improve satisfaction and productivity.

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