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Our Value Propositions

In order to move towards the most mature and strategic “Dynamic” ITaas stage, organisations need solutions that enable:

  • Optimal use of current assets with visibility and insight
  • A secure infrastructure solution that can be managed and controlled
  • Remote and mobile access across the organization
  • Control over costs, while having reliable access to data and applications
  • Reduced risk – financial, reputational, legal
  • Flexibility to meet changing business needs
  • Agility to quickly respond to customers.

These are the central challenges that we address with our value propositions

EOH Performance Management, Monitoring and Optimisation

Ensure optimal use of current assets

Systems, applications, data and network are core to every organisation’s IT functions. These need to be quick, reliable and consistent. A slow or poorly performing IT environment reduces business productivity and ability to respond effectively to customer needs or competitor activity. Without access to business applications and data, your business would be unable to operate.

The journey to IT maturity

Our technology services can help you optimise your IT environment so that it is responsive, adaptable and reliable. You’ll be able to proactively monitor it, with integrated alerts and trend analysis. Capacity management improvements and proactive insights will ensure that it is always performing optimally.

EOH Data Centre Transformation, Virtualisation and Cloud

Flexibility to meet changing business needs

A mature IT environment requires a business to optimise its infrastructure while driving down costs and increasing efficiencies. There are not only performance and scale issues, but also ecological and economic inefficiencies that need to be addressed. IT needs the flexibility to adapt quickly and reliably to business needs. The ability to provision business services in line with the expectations of users and modern business practice is key.

The journey to IT maturity

EOH Data Centre Transformation, Virtualisation and Cloud services can move your business towards a mature IT environment, with a next generation data centre powering a cloud-enabled strategy. This will allow your organisation to take advantage of the very latest in cloud computing technologies, while reducing server sprawl, increasing efficiencies and lowering carbon footprint. Instant provisioning provides maximum flexibility.

EOH Security, Governance & Compliance

Reducing risk

Security requires an all-round strategy to reduce the risk of unauthorised access to information technology systems and data. Governance requires determining how various business units, personnel, executives and staff should work together to protect an organisation’s digital assets, ensure data loss prevention and protect the organisation’s public reputation. And this must all be aligned with compliance requirements, culture and management.

The journey to IT maturity

We provide consultation, readiness assessments, agnostic needs analysis, planning, migration and on-site support. EOH Security, Governance & Compliance solutions are designed to protect business-critical servers that house your organisation’s information assets. We help you to reach a mature risk scenario with reduced complexity and increased value, delivered using our end-to-end portfolio of services.

EOH Mobility, BOYD & End User Transformation

Secure remote & mobile access, across the organisation

Mobile management is becoming a crucial part of an IT environment, just as mobile devices are becoming commonplace business tools – many of them of the BYOD variety. Mobility can offer efficiency and productivity gains. For IT to become a strategic business enabler, it has to consider how to help mobile users be more productive. It needs to figure out how to change operations and processes to drive efficacy and bring down cost to serve.

The journey to IT maturity

EOH Mobility, BYOD and End-User Transformation products and services provide a methodical, practical engagement model that addresses mobile, data and device management. They ensure that your organisational environment is closely controlled and managed, while employees have access to the tools they need. In so doing, we move you along the journey towards a mature mobile strategy that is continuously refined and revisited. Your business achieves excellent use of mobile technology, including user self-service and automation.

EOH Cloud Readiness & Adoption

An agile and secure infrastructure that you can manage and control

Cloud computing has come of age, and is completely transforming business IT environments. However, before adopting a cloud strategy, a thorough review of the organisation, operations, and technology is required to ascertain exactly how cloud technologies should be implemented. IT needs a seat at the EXCO table to advise on how new solutions can redefine business processes and drive efficiencies and differentiation.

The journey to IT maturity

An EOH Cloud Readiness Assessment will establish your unique business requirements and provide a road map for achieving your objectives and delivering the best returns. More specifically, we can help to ensure that you have a mature cloud strategy in place, with the most applicable services moved to Software as a Service provisioning. We can also assist in integrating your existing technology and infrastructure into a well balanced hybrid cloud environment.

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